Destemmer Gamma 50

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Brand: Polsinelli
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Destemmer Gamma 50

The Gamma 50 de-stemmer is a professional-level product designed to optimise wine production thanks to its large capacity and quality workmanship.

This accessory perfectly separates the grapes from the stems and then efficiently presses the must without altering the quality of the raw material. The Gamma 50 wine destemmer is capable of processing up to 5000 kg of product per hour, but its speed can be adjusted to suit your needs and the type of grapes.

The frame is made of steel and protects the standard 300x1000 mm basket with 24 mm diameter holes, which is also available in 22/15 mm models in stainless steel or polyethylene. The beater operates at a speed of 300-550 rpm. Both the beater and the basket and tank for collecting the must can be removed for complete cleaning. For more thorough cleaning, the rubber rollers of the Gamma 50 destemmer can be adjusted and tilted. It is also possible to order the product without the must tank, which can be used in conjunction with a single screw, peristaltic or elliptical piston hopper pump.

The Gamma 50 destemmer-crusher measures 197x105x160cm, and has a 1.8 kW motor. The instrument is supported by four wheels that make it easy to position and move. Amongst the available options it is possible to find the moplen basket and its variator.


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