Citric acid (1 kg)

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Laffort Citric Acid

Designed for food use, Laffort citric acid in a 1 kg pack for sale online at Polsinelli Enologia helps prevent ferric casse in wine, an ideal stabiliser to better control the production process. Caused by the oxidation of residual iron ions from processing, ferric casse is prevented through the complexing action of citric acid monohydrate, which stabilises the balance of the wine's acid profile.

To use citric acid, simply dissolve the product directly in the wine. The dose of use varies between 10 and 50 grams per hectolitre. The maximum content permitted by EC legislation is 1 gram per litre after treatment.

We recommend storing in the original packaging, hermetically sealed, in a clean, fresh and odour-free environment. Use quickly after opening, respecting the expiry date on the packaging.


  • Appearance: white crystals
  • Solubility: total
  • Pack of 1 kg

Physico-chemical specifications:

  • Purity - >99%.
  • Sulphuric ash - <0.5%.
  • Moisture - <8.8%.
  • pH in aqueous solution 5% - 2.4-2.8
  • Tartaric acid - 0
  • Heavy metals - <10ppm
  • Lead - <1ppm
  • Mercury - <1ppm
  • Arsenic -
  • Iron - <10ppm
  • Sulphates - <0.1ppm
  • Chlorides (HCL) - <1000ppm
  • Oxalic Acid - <100ppm
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