Caprettone (10 pieces)

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CAPRETTONE (10 pieces) 

Rootstock 1103P - K5BB - S04 - 140RU - 420A (The graft carrier available at the time will be sent)

The variety known as 'Caprettone' is currently present only in the province of Naples and limited to a few municipalities on the slopes of Vesuvius. However, no list of historical ampellography, starting from the first decades of 1800 (Acerbi, 1825; Gasparrini, 1844; Semmola, 1848; Frojo, 1878; Nesbitt, 1884) mentions or describes a vine called 'Caprettone' from the Cappuccini locality of Torre del Greco (NA). The ampelographic record was carried out in accordance with the methods laid down in the OIV survey sheet drawn up by the 'Resolution OIV - Vines 467-2012'. The vine, during the four-year observation period 2009-2012 at the Sorrentino Winery in the municipality of Boscotrecase (NA), was subjected to a series of surveys carried out on 20 plants of 5 years of age, grafted on 1103 P., trained on a bilateral Guyot, with a load of just over 20 buds, considering the "Fiano b." as the reference vine for all parameters. Caprettone b." has a slightly earlier flowering and ripening than 'Fiano b.', while the ripening period is about ten days later than the latter.

Ampelographic characteristics:


  • Tip shape: open
  • Distribution of anthocyanin pigmentation at the tip: at the margins
  • Intensity of anthocyanin pigmentation of creeping end hairs: slight
  • Density of terminal hairs: medium to high
  • Density of straight end hairs: none

Sprout at flowering

  • Growth habit: horizontal
  • Colour of dorsal side of internodes: green with red stripes.
  • Colour of ventral side of internodes: green
  • Colour of dorsal face of nodes: green with red stripes
  • Colour of ventral face of nodes: green
  • Density of straight hairs on nodes: none
  • Density of straight internode hairs: none
  • Density of creeping node hairs: none
  • Density of internode hairs: slight
  • Anthocyanin pigmentation of bud perules: basal
  • Intensity of anthocyanin pigmentation on bud perulae: medium


  • Number of discontinuous tendrils: 2 or less
  • Length: very long

Young leaf 

  • Colour of upper leaf blade: green/red
  • Density of creeping hairs between leaf underside veins: high
  • Density of erect hairs between stripes on lower leaf blade: medium
  • Density of creeping hairs on the main veins of the underside of the blade: high
  • Density of erect hairs on main veins of lower leaf page: medium

Adult leaf

  • Leaf blade size: large
  • Leaf blade shape: pentagonal/orbicular
  • Number of lobes: five-lobed
  • Colour of upper leaf blade: dark green
  • Distribution of anthocyanin pigmentation on main veins of upper leaf blade: only at petiolar point
  • Distribution of anthocyanin pigmentation on the main veins of the underside of the blade: only at the petiolar point
  • Flap depressions: medium
  • Flap undulations between the main or secondary veins: present
  • Flap profile in cross section: inrolled/contorted
  • Edge blistering: slight to medium
  • Shape of teeth: convex or hooked
  • Size of teeth in relation to flap size: small
  • Length of teeth in relation to their width: short
  • Degree of opening/overlapping of the edges of the petiolar sinus: open
  • Shape of the base of the petiolar sinus: U-shaped / bracketed
  • Presence of tooth on edge of petiolar sinus: absent
  • Petiolar sinus base delimited by rib: not delimited
  • Degree of opening/overlap of upper lateral sinuses: open
  • Shape of upper lateral sinus base: U-shaped
  • Teeth in upper lateral sinuses: absent
  • Density of creeping hairs between the main veins on the underside of the blade: slight
  • Density of erect hairs between the main veins on the underside of the blade: slight
  • Density of hairs crawling on the main veins of the underside of the leaf: slight
  • Density of erect hairs on the main veins of the underside of the blade: medium
  • Creeping hairs on the main veins of the upper side of the blade: absent
  • Erect hairs on the main veins of the upper side of the blade: absent
  • Density of hairs on petiole: none or very low
  • Density of erect hairs on petiole: none or very low
  • Petiole length in relation to midrib: longer
  • Depth of upper lateral sinuses: medium

Woody shoot

  • Cross section: elliptical
  • Surface structure: ostolute
  • Prevailing colour: brownish
  • Lenticels: absent
  • Erect hairs on nodes: none or very slight
  • Erect hairs on internodes: none or very slight


  • Sexual organs: stamens and gynoecium fully developed
  • Insertion level of first inflorescence: 5th node onwards
  • Number of inflorescences per shoot: 1.1 to 2 inflorescences
  • Fertility of basal buds: very low


  • Average number of bunches per shoot: 1.1 to 2 bunches
  • Length (excluding stalk): long
  • Width: medium/wide
  • Firmness: medium
  • Length of main bunch stalk: short
  • Lignification of the stalk: up to about half
  • Shape: cylindrical
  • Number of wings on main bunch: one to two wings


  • Length: long
  • Width: medium
  • Uniformity of size: not uniform
  • Shape: wide ellipsoidal
  • Skin colour: yellowish green
  • Skin colour uniformity: uniform
  • Pruin: high
  • Skin thickness: medium
  • Umbilicus: transparent
  • Colouring of the flesh: not coloured
  • Intensity of anthocyanin pigmentation on flesh: absent
  • Pulp succulence: moderately juicy
  • Juice yield: medium
  • Pulp consistency: slightly firm
  • Particular flavour: none
  • Length of pedicel: short
  • Ease of pedicel separation: difficult
  • Development of pips: complete
  • Length of pips: medium
  • Weight of pips: high
  • Transversal grooves on the back of the pips: absent


Vegetative phenomena:

  • Sprouting time: medium
  • Blossoming time: medium
  • Time of onset of veraison: medium
  • Physiological maturity of berries: late
  • Beginning of ripening: late
  • Colouring of leaves in autumn: yellow
  • Sprout vigour: high
  • Growth of ready sprouts (females): high
  • Internode length: long
  • Internode diameter: medium/large

Production data and technological characteristics

  • Setting percentage: medium
  • Bunch weight: low/medium
  • Weight of a berry: low/medium
  • Weight of grapes per square metre: low
  • Sugar content of must: medium
  • Total acidity of must: low
  • Must pH: medium

Characteristics and cultivation aptitudes

Resistances (macroscopic aspects)

  • Resistance to ferric chlorosis: medium
  • Resistance to chlorides (salt): medium
  • Resistance to drought: high
  • Leaf: degree of resistance to Plasmopara: medium
  • Bunch: degree of resistance to Plasmopara: medium
  • Leaf: degree of resistance to powdery mildew: medium
  • Cluster: degree of resistance to powdery mildew: medium
  • Leaf: degree of resistance to Botrytis: high
  • Cluster: degree of resistance to Botrytis: high
  • Leaf: degree of resistance to Phylloxera (gall): medium
  • Root: degree of resistance to phylloxera (rootworm): weak



You must perform this operation always with dry soil
A) On arable land is generally sufficient to ripper + to plow
B) On planting soil is generally sufficient to plow with an escavator and to clean the old roots.
If the previous crop was a vineyard, it is a good idea to leave the soil fallow for at least three years (after plowing). This procedure represents a valid possibility of defence against soil nematodes.

Use organics and if it is a reimplantation, use Calciumocyanamide.
This fertiliser has a protective effect on the soil and the crop, especially against fungi.

The planting should be carried out in temperate soil. The grafting point should be 8-10 cm above ground. Avoid shaving the redices. As much as possible, put sand and/or peat in contact with the roots (the root fears asphyxiation, while it needs a micro-oxygenation). Never fertilize in a localized manner (near the roots). Never water the rooted cuttings before summer.

When sprouting, the root apparatus must be heated as soon as possible. Work the soil repeatedly every 7/10 days at increasing depth (up to 20 cm), taking into account the moisture of the soil. When the apex of the bud starts to grow, it means that the root system is functioning. Only then can we stop watering the soil. Failure to grow due to access to water is often confused with a lack of water. This is why watering is used which is expensive, useless or even worse.

Protect vegetation from Peronospora. To each treatment add nitrogen (N) and iron (Fe) foliar fertilizer. Do not make any radical fertilization.

Continue with the defense against Peronospora by suspending the addition of the foliar fertilizer. This defense should be reinforced in late summer and should be continued until vegetation growth stops.
The September/October blight is destructive, to the point of bringing death to the whole plant (if it has not lignified). The rooted vine lacks clusters, so lignification occurs at the end of the vegetative cycle.

If incomprehensible anomalies persist after this procedure, contact an agronomist or the VCR Technical Service promptly before carrying out arbitrary procedures which may be unsuitable, expensive and/or worsening.

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