Bottle Phenophthalein solution (25 ml)

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Phenophthalein Solution for Acidimeter

Phenophthalein solution in a 25 ml bottle is an essential chemical reagent for measuring the acidity value of your product with the olive oil acid meter. Used in combination with the appropriate soda ash, the pheno-phthalein bottle enables an estimate of the fatty acids separated from the glycerol to be obtained with an accuracy of ±0.1%. This allows accurate analysis of the organoleptic characteristics of the product, resulting in a quality olive oil. Simply pour 20-25 drops of phenolphthalein into 100 cc of pure alcohol to obtain a solution to which drops of soda are then added. The phenolphthalein solution comes in a 25 ml bottle and can be easily stored in the acid meter kit case.


  • 25 ml bottle
  • In case of contact with eyes and skin, rinse thoroughly with water
  • If swallowed, consult a doctor
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