Basket filter for grains 75 ⌀427

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Basket filter for grains ⌀427

Made entirely of stainless steel and equipped with handles for the retrieval, it allows you to filter the threshing perfectly, thanks to its holes of 1.5 mm in diameter.

The easiest and fastest way to separate the grains from the mash, carrying out the mashing, sparging and cooking all in the same container.

Designed to be inserted into the pot with a temperature probe input.

This measurement is suitable for the 50/75 L pot (Polsinelli) for cooking beer, but we can create custom size filters.


  • diameter: 427 mm
  • height: 340 mm (for 50 L pots)
  • inlet depth: 50 mm
  • inlet width: 40 mm
Technical description

for 75 lt pot

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