Bag-in-box 5 L with bag

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Bag-in-box  5 L with bag

The 5-litre Bag-in-Box® with bag allows you to store your liquids, preserving their taste and organoleptic qualities for a long period of time after opening. The operation of the Bag-in-Box® 5lt is simple: the inner bag retracts during dispensing to create a vacuum and is developed to prevent contact between the liquid and atmospheric agents such as air, temperature and light.

The Bag-in-Box® L 5 bag is ideal for use with food, aseptic and features a practical tap with a safety seal that preserves the quality of the liquid. The 5-litre capacity of the Bag-in-Box® with bag allows you to store a large amount of product effectively and safely, and is a convenient solution for those with very specific space requirements.


  • 5lt ultra clean aseptic food bag;
  • Tap with safety seal for improved liquid preservation;
  • Easy to store and convenient to transport;
  • Practical, use only the amount of product you need;
  • Unbreakable and recyclable;
  • Store in the refrigerator.
  • Suitable for filling at temperatures between 0-40ºC
  • Dimensions: mm 230x105x275h

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