ø 30 ratchet wine press

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#30 ratchet wine press

The 30 cm lever press is a tool of exceptional quality, fundamental in wine production, capable of efficiently extracting must from marc thanks to a powerful lever. The 30 cm lever press for sale on Polsinelli Enologia is made entirely in Italy with the aim of providing small producers and farms with a product of the highest standard. It consists of a cage with wooden staves with a diameter of 30 cm and a capacity of no less than 150 kg of grapes. The cage is supported by a strong metal skeleton, adequate to withstand even high pressures. The central screw of the 30 lever press is made of drawn steel to ensure its longevity. The ratchet can advance at two different speeds in order to precisely control the applied pressure. The 30 cm hydraulic lever press is sold complete with crescents and pieces, which are essential tools for evenly distributing the ratchet action over the entire surface.



  • Steel threaded screw
  • Cage made of evaporated beech wood slats with removable pins
  • Ratchet movement in cast iron
  • Reinforced steel must gathering basin with brackets
  • Cage size: 30 cm (diameter); 41 cm (height)
  • Screw diameter: 30 mm
  • Cage capacity: 150 kg
  • Grape marc capacity: 30 L
  • Total weight: 39 kg
  • Complete with chunks and crescents


How it works:

1. Getting started

  • Before using the press it is necessary to remove with a brush and/or air blast any dust particles which are present in the inner parts (which could come into contact with the grapes) furthermore use a damp cloth to clean: the cage, the semi-circular wooden press plates and the pawls.


2. Filling the press

  • Remove all interior wood pieces and make sure using the plugs supplied closes the cage.
  • Lift the jack upwards along the threaded screw (turning it counterclockwise), fill in the cage with the grape pulp (as in the photo) and insert the two semi-circular wooden press plates (two sturdy half-moons made of evaporated beech wood) once joined they will coincide with the diameter of the cage and there will be a gap in the center for the main screw. Place the wooden blocks on top of the half-moons, they should rest perpendicular to the direction in which the half-moons have been set, as seen in the photo.


3. Preparing the pressing

  • Lower the jack, turning it clockwise until it rests on the wooden blocks (the wooden top blocks should be placed near the nut screw, as in the photo).
  • Insert the metal pawls, making sure that the tips fit into the round holes of the crown (the crown is found in the ratchet).
  • Insert the handle into the hole on the ratchet.


4. The pressing

  • Stand in front of the ratchet and grab it with both hands, set it in action by moving it forward and backward. This movement will cause the shifting in both sides of the upper part of the ratchet, (see photo).
  • The action exerted on the ratchet, allows the metal pawls to advance from the holes in which they have been inserted to the ones immediately following. This determines the downward movement of the rotation of the jack, thus pressing on the wood blocks, which lie on the grape pulp.
  • When the jack is lowered to the top of the edges of the cage, it is necessary to stop the action, in order to refill the cage with grapes.
  • Once you have finished the last pressing, bring the ratchet up (turning it counterclockwise), remove all wood blocks, remove the cage, pull out the pomace and clean thoroughly.

Since 1958 it is the leading manufacturing press

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